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ERVNew Environmental Response Vessel to Provide Highly Effective Cleanup

Originally featured in the May Issue of Western Maritime, Inc.


Metalite Marine has released the first in a series of fast-response Environmental Remediation Vessels. These vessels are designed to operate cost effectively in local community areas, and respond rapidly to remediate spills in inland, costal and harbor areas.

The watercraft is a 9’ x 24’ triple hull, all-aluminum vessel. It is configured to be deployed rapidly in a variety of situations, whether stationed at a slip in a standby mode for an emergency response, equipped with a trailer to travel by road, or launched like a regular boat to be used on location quickly and efficiently.

The vessel features a full-size open, rugged deck with full perimeter safety railings to allow the crew easy mobility. The deck is constructed of a heavy-grating fiberglass that provides a safe non-skid surface to work well in heavy crude oil situations.

The boat comes equipped with dual 30 hp hydraulic drives that provide rugged, reliable performance. The drives are non-clogging with steel screw propellers that are retractable for high-speed mobility across the water.

The Metalite Marine Environmental Response Vessel has a fully adjustable 10 foot belt skimmer with various belt material options, as well as fully adjustable funnel wings on the leading edge of the skimmer to ensure performance in all types of contaminated environments.

The operator is shielded by a full-size flying T-top. Vessel and skimmer controls, passenger seating and lockable storage are all within the shelter of the T-top canopy.

The vessel comes with options, based upon user preference. These include, but are not limited to, a high-speed outboard motor for quick deployment and response, auxiliary internal storage tank, center console or cabin and alternate skimmer lengths. The boat is also available in various lengths and widths to meet a variety of custom requirements.

For more information, please contact Metalite Marine at (800) 541-5880 or


FORSSave Money and the Environment with a FORS Bilge Oil Collector.

Are you still using messy absorbent pads to get the oil out of your ship’s bilge? Replacing these pads is time consuming and expensive, and the oil-soaked pads are then sent to a landfill where they continue to degrade our environment for years.

Finally, there’s a better way.

The FORS Bilge Oil Collectors are the world’s first environmentally responsible system for separating oil from bilge water. They’re also fully automatic, require no maintenance and will remove 99.9% of the oil in your ship’s bilge. Once recovered, this oil can be taken ashore for recycling as a valuable resource, which could eventually keep millions of gallons of reusable oil out of our landfills.

Plus, the FORS Bilge Oil Collectors will save you thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for expensive absorbent pads.

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